K 2 Battery

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Shines even without a power connection: the battery-operated high-pressure cleaner for versatile applications such as smaller cars, boats, garden furniture, garbage cans and other small cleaning tasks around the house. Thanks to standard, boost and detergent mode, the various cleaning objects can be processed with exactly the right pressure. The selected mode is permanently shown on the analog display of the high-pressure gun during cleaning. The individual pressure levels can be easily adjusted by changing the spray lance. The device is compatible with the 36 V / 5.0 Ah Li-Ion removable battery from the 36 V Kärcher Battery Power platform. The battery and charger are available separately as special accessories. A Kärcher suction hose can also be connected to draw water from alternative water sources.


Product Note Status Price
Battery 36 V / 5,0 Ah Battery 36 V / 5,0 Ah
143.99 € *
Quick charger 36 V Quick charger 36 V
47.99 € *
Starter Kit 36 V / 5,0 Ah Starter Kit 36 V / 5,0 Ah
183.99 € *
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