KM 100/100 R G

Product no.: 1.280-105.0
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Delivery weight: 340 kg
Drive: - Honda engine 6,7 kW - 1 pedal for forward and reverse travel - small turning circle (3350 mm) - automatic parking brake with vacuum technology - automatic shutdown of the motor when leaving the seat Sweeping / suction system: The device works according to the transfer principle , ie the sweeping material is transported backwards into the dirt container via the sweeping roller. The sweeping roller is swinging suspended and automatically adjusts itself to ground irregularities. Both the filter and the main return roller can be exchanged without tools. The built-in coarse sludge flap allows the absorption of coarse soiling, such as beverage cans, split, gravel or wet foliage. The side brush and the sweeping roller are hydraulically driven. A second side broom is optionally available. Dirt container: The two 50 liter dirt containers can be removed laterally. Operation: The side brush and the main return roll can be lowered by means of a switch. Forward and reverse travel is regulated by a single accelerator pedal.


Product Note Status Price
6.414-532 6.414-532
(Größe: 2)
274.90 € *
6.906-375 6.906-375
(Material: Standard, Länge: 700mm)
402.90 € *
6.906-533 6.906-533
(Material: weich/Natur, Länge: 700mm)
402.85 € *
6.906-532 6.906-532
(Material: hart/nässefest, Länge: 700mm)
417.90 € *
side brush standard side brush standard
(Material: Standard, Durchmesser: 450mm)
124.95 € *
side brush standard side brush standard
(Material: weich, Durchmesser: 450mm)
123.95 € *
side brush standard side brush standard
(Material: hart, Durchmesser: 450mm)
118.99 € *
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