WV 5 Premium Plus (white)

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With the WV 5 PremiumPlus, Kärcher - the inventor of the battery window suction device - is launching a device that perfects the effortless, streak-free and drip-free window cleaning. With longer battery life, longer cleaning activities are possible without any problem. And thanks to a convenient replacement battery system, even a continuous window cleaning is made possible by the additional purchase of a second battery. The device handle, with its soft component, ensures that the WV 5 Premium Plus surpasses the predecessor series in terms of handling and ergonomics. Furthermore, the device is equipped with spacers on the suction nozzle. This feature allows for even better cleaning results up to the window edges. In addition, a narrow suction nozzle for sprout windows, an outdoor microfiber wiping cover with a particularly large number of abrasive fibers as well as a dirt scraper for stubborn dirt are included.


Product Note Status Price
Wipers for window suction Wipers for window suction
8.80 € / 2 piece(s) *
Wipers for window suction Wipers for window suction
(Baujahr: ab 01/2017, Anwendungsbereich: Outdoor)
9.60 € / 2 piece(s) *
Extensionset Extensionset
36.00 € *
Replacement battery for WV 5 Replacement battery for WV 5
15.99 € *
Hip bag Hip bag
15.99 € *
6.295-840 6.295-840
7.99 € *
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