From the dripping seal to the overhaul, we are your contact for service and repair.

During our opening hours, you have always the possibility to pass your defective Kärcher cleaning device - whether commercial or private.
We also offer on-site repair services for commercial equipment.
Please call us at 0341-25 16 030 or fill out our
service request form on our website.


For our Kärcher high-pressure cleaners, the legislature, anchored in the directives for liquid jets, stipulates that every 12 months a safety check of the essential parts and main assemblies of the high-pressure cleaners must be carried out.

If you are interested, we will carry out this inspection for you, according to schedule, at the location of your high-pressure cleaner. If defects are present, we can also make the repair directly on this occasion.
The built-in parts and the work are however then additionally payable.
The journey is included.

You can also use our service inquiry form.


The following prices are payable for security checks:

Heated high-pressure cleaner (HDS) = 99.00 € excl. VAT
Unheated high-pressure cleaner (HD) = 79.00 € excl. VAT.