HDS 1000 Be

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Powerful, heated high-pressure cleaner with robust 4-stroke gasoline engine and E-start for independent use. The high-quality components are housed in a sturdy tube frame, which provides all units with all-round protection for the tough durability. The frame is designed for crane or forklift loading. The engine is equipped with an automatic speed reduction, which reduces the noise level during operation interruption and also significantly increases the service life of the high-pressure cleaner. The standard electric starter allows a comfortable start of the device. High-quality materials of the high-pressure pump, such as brass cylinder head, stainless steel valves, chrome-nickel coated stainless steel pistons, ensure a long service life and superior performance characteristics. The overflow valve, the integrated pressure and water volume control as well as the available steam stage allow an optimal adaptation to different cleaning tasks. The high-performance burner with standing heating coil and non-exhausting permanent ignition can be adjusted continuously from 30 ° - 98 ° C. The safety features such as oil deflection protection, safety valves, water deficiency protection and fuel deficiency protection ensure the availability of the device in the hard everyday use. The float tank with integrated calcification protection (DGT) secures the separation from the drinking water network and protects all water-carrying parts from calcification and deposits. Thanks to the standard servo-pressure device, the pressure and water volume can be conveniently adjusted directly on the gun. The standard KÄRCHER power nozzle achieves optimum cleaning power and thus an economical use.